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Advocacy & Alternative Dispute Resolution: Jury Selection

This guide provides links and descriptions to many of the library's resources related to advocacy and dispute resolution, including trial advocacy, client counseling, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, evidence and professional responsibility.


The Art of Advocacy: Jury Selection.  LexisNexis Publishing 2000- .  

Blue's Guide to Jury SelectionThomson West c2004- .  KF8979 B54 2004- 10th Fl.  This guide provides practical, real-life advice on the best practices and methods for voir dire based on the authors' experience. The forms appendix volume provides voir dire tools such as questionnaires and sample voir dire, plus advice on how to utilize these materials. The appendix is also available on CD-ROM.  

The Jury Process:  Foundation Press, 2005.  KF8972.M37 2005 Acad, 10th Fl.  This 'nutshell' softbound text provides a comprehensive overview of the the jury process from venire, voir dire, and exercise of peremptory challenges to jury deliberations, and post-verdict interviews of jurors.

Jury Selection (4th ed.).  Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2009.  KF 8979.S82 2009 10th Fl.   This one-volume looseleaf combines an analysis of the law governing jury selection with an explanation of the scientific methodology employed in that process.  It is also available online via Loislaw > General Litigation Library.  

Jury Selection: The Law, Art and Science of Selecting a Jury.  Examines an integrated approach to jury selection, providing the latest social science methodology and voir dire techniques in order to help you identify problems, spot personality traits, and isolate social and political biases that may affect jury decisions. Includes questions for plaintiff and defense lawyers, and court-proven tips for making favorable impressions on the jury. 

Jury Selection: Strategy and Science.  West 2000- .  This one-volume looseleaf is intended as a ready resource for attorneys during voir dire.  No longer updated in print.  

Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection: Gain an Edge in Questioning and Selecting a Jury.  American Bar Association, 2011.  KF 8979 .F73 2011  This text goes beyond other books on jury selection and focuses on the skills needed to conduct effective voir dire and jury selection, ultimately improving your chances of a favorable verdict at trial.

Powerful Deliberations: Putting it all Together for the Jury.  Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, ABA c2009.  KF8972.R58 2009 10th Fl.  The author offers insights learned from working on hundreds of complex, high-profile civil and criminal cases. This text brings together legal strategy, psychology, and persuasion theory, and offers an approach to trial preparation that focuses on how jurors learn, think, and deliberate. 

Sample Voir Dire Questions: Jury Selection; Proven and Effective Strategies.  This online text offers proven and effective examples of jury questions for the effective trial practitioner.  Includes more than 250 pages of sample questions for tort, commercial litigation, and criminal cases.  Available online via Loislaw > General Litigation Library. 

Scientific Jury Selection.  American Psychological Association, 2006.  KF8979.L54 2006 10th Fl.  Intended for psychologists, attorneys, and others interested in jury consulting, this text provides a thorough review of the most common techniques used to select jurors and a critical evaluation of the ultimate effectiveness of these methods.