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Advocacy & Alternative Dispute Resolution: Jury Instructions

This guide provides links and descriptions to many of the library's resources related to advocacy and dispute resolution, including trial advocacy, client counseling, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, evidence and professional responsibility.


Many states (including Illinois) and federal circuits have their own pattern jury instructions.  It is necessary to consult pattern instructions first.  Model jury instructions needed to complement pattern instructions may be found in encyclopedic sets of instructions, in titles on individual subjects, and in litigation practice treatises. What follow are many of the most-often consulted titles in our library for federal jury instructions and Illinois jury instructions.

Federal Jury Instructions

Circuit Court Jury Instructions (Pattern and Model)

The library has civil and/or criminal jury instructions for the First, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Circuits.  Depending upon the circuit, the instructions are referred to as either pattern or model instructions.  These instructions can be found on reserve in the library.

  • Westlaw provides online access to civil jury instructions for the Third, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits as well as criminal jury instructions for the First, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Circuits. Browse them here
  • Court websites also often provide pattern jury instructions.

Encyclopedic Sets of Instructions:

Federal Jury Practice and Instructions. 5th/6th ed.  West (2006-).  KF 8984 .D496 2006 – 10th fl.   One of the two encyclopedic sets of federal instructions.  5 volumes cover both civil and criminal instructions.  

Modern Federal Jury Instructions.  M. Bender (1984- ).  KF9682.A65 M64 1984-  10th fl.  This is the other encyclopedic set of instructions.  Includes both pattern and non-pattern instructions for federal circuits.  

Topic-Specific Jury Instructions:

Jury Instructions in Automobile Actions.  Lexis (2001).  KF 8984 .D67 2001 - 10th fl.  This resource is no longer updated in print by the library; last print update 2001.  

Jury Instructions in Commercial Litigation.  Lexis (2002-). KF 8984 .E15 2002 - 10th fl.  This resource is no longer updated in print by the library; last print update 2002.  

Jury Instructions on Damages in Tort Actions.  5th ed.  Lexis (2003-).  KF 8984 .D68 2003 - 10th fl.  

Jury Instructions in Intellectual Property Cases.  Big Foot Press (1980-).  KF 8984 .A65 B87 - 10th fl.

Jury Instructions on Medical Issues.  6th ed.  Lexis (2004).  KF 8984 .A65 AL26x 2004 - 10th fl.  

Model Jury Instructions: Business Torts Litigation.  ABA (2005).  KF 8984 .A65 M64 2005 - 10th fl.  CD-ROM available on reserve.

Model Jury Instructions: Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Dress Litigation.  ABA (2008).  KF8984.M63 2008 - 10th fl.  CD-Rom available on reserve

Model Jury Instructions: Employment Litigation.  ABA (2005).  KF 8984 .A65 E57 2005 - 10th fl.  CD-ROM available on reserve.

Model Jury Instructions: Construction Litigation.  ABA (2001).  KF 8984 .A65 C66 2001 - 10th fl.

Model Jury Instructions: Patent Litigation.  ABA (2005).  KF 3155 .M63 2005 - 10th fl.  CD-ROM available on reserve.

Model Jury Instructions: Securities Litigation.  ABA (1996).  KF 8984 .S42 1996 - 10th fl.

Illinois Jury Instructions

Illinois Pattern Instructions (IPI):

Illinois Non-Pattern Instructions:

  • Illinois Forms of Jury Instruction.  Mathew Bender (1991- ).  KFI 1742.6 .I44 - Reserve. Three volume set includes both pattern and non-pattern civil jury instructions.  Coverage includes civil actions, torts, contracts, and statutory actions.  

  • Illinois Non-Pattern Jury Instructions 3rd: Annotated IPI Companion.  West Group (2001- ).  KFI 1742.6 .R69 - Reserve.  This two-volume set provides IPI instructions with annotations and non-pattern instructions for those subjects not covered by IPI.  Includes both civil and criminal instructions.