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Advocacy & Alternative Dispute Resolution: Illinois Resources

This guide provides links and descriptions to many of the library's resources related to advocacy and dispute resolution, including trial advocacy, client counseling, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, evidence and professional responsibility.


This page includes an alphabetical list of trial-related resources covering both civil and criminal trials in Illinois and various aspects of trial practice including jury selection, evidence, and objections.


Courtroom Handbook on Illinois Evidence.  Thomson West c2004-  .  KFI 1740.C877 9th th fl.    Updated annually, this softbound edition is volume 11 of West's Illinois Practice Series.  Available online via Westlaw.

Defending Illinois Criminal Cases.  Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2010.  KFI 1775.D43 2010 Practitioner, Reserve.  This popular 2 volume IICLE handbook covers all aspects of trying criminal cases from search and seizure to criminal appeals.  Includes CD-Rom with forms.  Also available online via IICLE Smartbooks.  See Pretrials and Trials.

Graham's Handook of Illinois Evidence (10th Ed.).  Aspen Publishers c2010.  KFI1740.Z9 C44 2010 9th Fl.  The 10th edition is the successor to the popular Illinois resource, Cleary and Graham's Handbook of Illinois Evidence. 

Illinois Civil Practice: Trying the Case.  Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2009.  KFI 1738.I45 2009 Practitioner, Reserve.  Includes CD-Rom with forms.  Also available online via IICLE Smartbooks.

Illinois Civil Trial Evidence.  Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education.  KFI 1740.I46 2009.  Includes CD-Rom with forms.  Also available online via IICLE Smartbooks.

Illinois Civil Trial Procedure.  West 1996- .  KFI1280. D278tp 9th fl.  Volume 9 of Illinois Practice Series updated annually by pocket parts.  This book provides practical advice on pretrial, trial, and post-trial phases of an Illinois civil case.

Illinois Evidence Manual (4th Ed.).  Thomson West, 2006- . KFI 1740.G166 9th Fl. 2006.  Successor to Gard's Illinois Evidence Manual, this three-volume set is the most comprehensive work on Illinois evidence law.  Kept up to date by annual supplements.  

Illinois Evidence Courtroom Manual.  LexisNexis Mathew Bender 2005- .  KFI 1740.Z9 .B66 9th Fl.  This one-volume annual handbook is designed specifically for courtroom use by practitioners.  

Illinois Objections.  James Publications Inc. 2003- .  KFI 1740.G6 2003- 9th Fl.  One-volume loose-leaf covers more than 130 objections with clear and concise explanations and trial-tested tips.  Includes CD-Rom.  Kept up to date with annual supplements.

Inside and Outside the Jury Box: Effective Trial Strategies.  Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education.  KFI 1730.I57 2006- .  Practitioner, Reserve.  Last updated in 2011, this one-volume IICLE handbook This Handbook covers community attitude surveys and change of venue studies, developing a case theme, witness effectiveness training, selecting and deselecting jurors, and working with trial consultants.  Includes CD-Rom.

Laying Foundations for Introducing Evidence.  Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education. c2010.  KFI 1740.Z9 K44 2010, Practitioner, Reserve.  Also available online via IICLE Smartbooks.

Trial Handbook for Illinois Lawyer, Civil (8th Ed.).  West Thomson, 1997- .  KFI1738.Z9 H918 1997- 9th Fl.  Two-volume bible of Illinois trial practice includes 65 chapters covering all aspects of Illinois trial practice.  Kept up to date with annual supplements.  

Trial Handbook for Illinois Lawyers, Criminal (8th ed.).  Thomson West c2002- .  KFI 1779.H8 2002- Reserve.  Two-volume practitioner set includes more than 90 chapters of rules on all aspects of criminal trial practice.  Updated by annual pocket parts.