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Distance Education: Tax

This guide will direct you to, and help you use, the resources you need to be successful in UIC Law's distance education courses.

Tax Treatises and Materials

Boris I. Bittker & Lawrence Lokken, Federal Taxation of Income, Estates, and Gifts (2d/3d eds. 1989-date) 10th floor - KF6335 .B57, available in Westlaw

Boris I. Bittker et al., Federal Income Taxation of Individuals (3d ed. 2002-date) 10th floor - KF6369 .B57, available in Westlaw

Boris I. Bittker & James Eustice, Federal Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders (7th ed. 2000-date) 10th floor - KF6464 .B548, available in Westlaw

Ian M. Comisky et al., Tax Fraud & Evasion (1994-date) 10th floor - KF6334 .B217, available in Westlaw

William S. McKee et al., Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners (4th ed. 2007-date) 10th floor - KF6452 .M194, available in Westlaw

Jacob Rabkin & Mark H. Johnson, Federal Income, Gift and Estate Taxation (1942-date) 10th floor - KF6335 .R32, available in Lexis

Arthur B. Willis et al., Partnership Taxation (6th ed. 1997-date), available in Westlaw

Douglas A. Kahn & Jeffrey S. Lehman, Corporate Income Taxation (5th ed. 2001) 6th floor Academic Success & Reserve - KF6464 .K28

Michael I. Saltzman, IRS Practice and Procedure (rev. 2d ed. 2002-date) 10th floor - KF6300 .S26 , available in Westlaw

Joshua D. Rosenberg & Dominic L. Daher, The Law of Federal Income Taxation (2008) 6th floor Reserve & Academic Success - KF6369 .R673 2008

Standard Federal Tax Reporter, otherwise known as FED, available in VitalLaw

Also see resources in Checkpoint