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Elder Law Resource Guide: Forms

Elder Law Forms Manual

This essential elder law forms guide, edited by Harry Margolis, contains 20 chapters with more than 100 forms.  The manual is divided into 5 parts:

  • Managing the Elder Law Practice
  • Estate and Long-Term Care Planning
  • Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives and Wills
  • Trusts
  • Miscellaneous

KF390.A4 M37 – 10th fl and available via LoisLaw > Elder Law Library.

Illinois Forms

Illinois FormFinder.  Westlaw's comprehensive form database contains Illinois-specific forms, fillable PDF forms, clauses and checklists, derived from a number of sources including, but not limited to, state specific analytical titles and state and local courts.

Midwest Transaction Guide.  M. Bender (1980- ).  KFI 1268 M55 - 9th fl.  Unit IV of this resource addresses estate planning and provides forms related to topics such as wills, gifts and trusts.  Available via LexisNexis.

Additionally, each volume of the IICLEs listed on the Illinois tab of this guide include a set of related forms.

General Form Books

There are a number of general treatises and form books that contain resources useful to an elder law practice including the following:

American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d.  Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co. (1971-).  Many chapters in this multi-volume set address specific topics within the broad field of estate planning, including, but not limited to, spendthrift trusts and descent and distribution.  Forms related to some commonly researched areas of estate planning law can be found in the following chapters: Chapter 101 (Estates), Chapter 104 (Executors and Administrators), Chapter 251 (Trusts) and Chapter 266 (Wills)The library no longer maintains this set in print; however, it is available via Westlaw.

Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis.  M. Bender (1948-).  KF 170 .R113 - 10th fl.  (a/k/a Rabkin & Johnson).  A number of chapters in this resource address topics related to estate planning.  The following chapters provide forms in some commonly researched areas of estate planning law: Chapter 7 (Wills), Chapter 7A (Estate Planning for Businesses), Chapter 7B (Estate Planning for Community Property), Chapter 8 (Revocable Trusts) and Chapter 9 (Irrevocable Trusts).  Available via LexisNexis.

Estate Planning Form Books

Asset Protection: Legal Planning, Strategies and Forms.  Warren Gorham & Lamont  (2001-).  KF9025 .S67 2001 – 10th fl.  Companion CD-ROM available on reserve.

Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements.  3rd ed.   Shepard’s/ McGraw-Hill (1995-).  KF755.A65 W54 1995 – 10th fl.  This 4-volume set provides checklists, commentary and forms for all aspects of wills and trust agreements including irrevocable and revocable trusts, wills and joint and community property agreements.

Irrevocable Trusts, Analysis with Forms. Warren, Gorham & Lamont (1998- ).  KF 730.E83 – 10th fl.  One-volume loose-leaf provides more than 40 forms and checklists for a variety of irrevocable and related trusts.  Companion CD-ROM available on reserve.

Living Trusts: Forms and Practice.  M. Bender (1993-).  KF734. B53 1995 – 10th fl.  1-volume loose-leaf with sample forms on CD-Rom.  

Page on the Law of Wills : including probate, will contests, evidence, taxation, conflicts, estate planning, forms, and statutes relating to wills. Anderson Pub. Co. (2000-).  KF 755. P146x 2000 - 10th fl.  This seven-volume set has one full volume containing more than 80 chapters of forms and clauses pertaining to wills and trusts.  In addition, the treatise accompanied by Anderson’s Estate Planning Forms and Clauses on CD-Rom.