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Veterans' Benefits and Issues: Veterans Claims Procedures

The Veterans' Benefits and Issues Libguide provides an overview of Veterans' Benefits research, Veterans' issues, and information on Veterans' outreach.

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Department of Veterans Affairs Forms

One can access VA forms through the Department of VA Forms Website.  This site has over 500 forms.  You can browse for forms, but the most efficient way of finding a form is to search by form number.  The website also permits keyword searching.

Claims Overview

The Claims Overview section was created to highlight the different procedures that exist between compensation and education claims.  Compensation claim appeals are by far the most common, totalling 95.4% of the overall claims in 2011. Education are far less common, but the claim submission process and appeals is different than the compensation claims procedures.  Each topic will have a timeline of events for claim from the point of filing, through the VA administrative appeal procedures, and through the US Federal court system.  

VA Disability Compensation

Education Benefits Process

Coming Soon