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Employee Benefits Research: ERISA - Secondary Sources


The following resources specifically analyze ERISA or particular aspects of ERISA.  Sources located in other areas of this guide will also include extensive discussions of ERISA or aspects thereof.  Because ERISA is the major statute in employee benefits law, most of the sources listed under General Sources will address it.  Certain sources included under the 401(k), Pension and Retirement Plans and Health Care tabs will analyze pertinent portions of the statute.  Sources on ERISA litigation can be found under the Litigation tab.

Treatises and Handbooks

Corporate Counsel’s Guide to ERISA (1993-date) Annual updates. Available via Westlaw. 

This guide gives corporate counsel an overview of the retirement issues arising under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. It also addresses the increasingly frequent problems involving employee welfare benefit plans, including litigation related to those issues. 

ERISA: A Comprehensive Guide, Schneider, Paul J., and Brian M. Pinheiro, eds. (Aspen, 3rd ed. 2007-date) 10th floor - KF 3512 .W35 2007

Provides a thorough and authoritative analysis of the principal statutory provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and the corresponding provisions of the Internal Revenue Code dealing with employee benefits.

ERISA Fiduciary Compliance: A Practical Guide to Participant-Directed Investments, Michael B. Snyder (Aspen, 2006-date) 10th floor - KF3512 .B43

ERISA Fiduciary Law, Serota, Susan P., and Frederick A. Brodie, eds. (BNA, 2nd ed. 2006-date) 10th floor - KF 3512 .E180 2006, also available via BNA.

An excellent resource for any legal practitioner navigating ERISA’s many requirements and seeking clarity in the constantly developing body of plan fiduciary case law. Practitioners can address crucial ERISA-related issues with this sophisticated analysis of ERISA fiduciary topics covering ERISA, the IRC, various agencies' regulations, and the federal courts.  Kept up to date with periodic supplements.

John F. Buckley, ERISA Law Answer Book (Aspen, 6th ed., 2008-date) 10th floor - KF 3512 .B83 2008, also available via IntelliConnect.

A practical desk reference that provides clear, concise, authoritative answers to more than 1,300 key questions - covering everything from benefit plan design, administration, communication, amendment, coverage, funding, distribution, and defense to fiduciary liabilities and litigation issues.

Ronald J. Cooke, ERISA Practice and Procedure, available via Westlaw.

This two-volume treatise provides a detailed legal framework for ERISA issues impacting labor, employment or tax practice attorneys.  Itcovers the scope and coverage of ERISA, reporting and disclosure requirements, participation, vesting and benefit accrual, minimum funding standards, fiduciary responsibility, plan termination insurance, withdrawal liability, administration and enforcement of ERISA.

Donald J. Myers and Michael B. Richman, ERISA Class Exemptions (BNA, 3rd ed. 2006) 10th floor - KF3512 .M94 2006, also available via BNA.