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Employee Benefits Research: 401(k), Pension and Retirement Plans


The following sources exclusively address 401(k), pension and other retirement plans.  Because pension and retirement plans are a significant focus of employee benefits regulation, many of the sources under the General Sources and ERISA - Secondary Sources tabs will devote significant attention to these plans.

Treatises and Handbooks

Great-West Retirement Services (Steven Franz et al.), 401(k) Answer Book (2011 ed. Aspen 2011), available via IntelliConnect.

The 401(k) Handbook, Martha Priddy Patterson, ed., available via Westlaw.

Provides guidance on plan design and administration, administration of employer and employee contributions, nondiscrimination testing, reporting requirements, employee communications, valuation problems, hardship withdrawals, plan loans, rollovers and investment vehicles.

EBIA 401(k) Plans Manual (Employee Benefits Institute of America, 2008-date) 10th floor - KF 3517 .A16

 403(b) Answer Book, Donald R. Levy et al. (7th ed., Aspen 2008).  Available via IntelliConnect.

The Pension Answer Book, Stephen J. Krass (11th ed., Aspen 2011), available via IntelliConnect and Westlaw.

Pension Distribution Answer Book, Melanie N. Aska and Joan Gucciardi (2011 ed. Aspen 2010), available via IntelliConnect.

Qualified Retirement Plans, Michael J, Canan (West 1998-date) 10th floor - KF 3512 .Q34, available via Westlaw.

This treatise covers selection, qualification, administration, and termination of qualified retirement plans with an emphasis on drafting plans that comply with Internal Revenue Service regulations.