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Bankruptcy Law Research: Forms

This guide provides links and descriptions to many of the resources related to bankruptcy law that are available, including print resources, subscription databases and free internet sources.

Additional Forms

For additional forms resources including litigation and business planning forms, check out our Forms Finder.

Official Forms

Rule 9009 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (FRBP) prescribes the use of official bankruptcy forms.  The official forms are published as an appendix to the FRBP.

U.S. Courts - provides the official forms in a fillable pdf format, plus committee notes 

Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice - include official forms and committee notes, plus guidance on when and how to use the forms most effectively.  10th floor KF1524 .N67 2008, available in Westlaw

Collier on Bankruptcy - contains sample forms as well as discussion and notes explaining the forms and their use.  10th floor KF1524 .C69 2009, available in Lexis

Herzog's Bankruptcy Forms and Practice - model forms with some explanatory analysis.  10th floor KF1527 .H45 1991+

General Form Sets

American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d. Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co. (1971-). Many chapters in this multi-volume set address specific topics within the broad field of business law, including, but not limited to, joint ventures and Internet transactions. Forms related to some commonly researched areas of business and corporate law can be found in the following chapters: Chapter 74 (Corporations), Chapter 150A (International Business Transactions), Chapter 167A (Limited Liability Companies), Chapter 167B (Limited Liability Partnerships), Chapter 194 (Partnership) and Chapter 226 (Sale of Business). The library no longer maintains this set in print; however, it is available via Westlaw.

Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis. M. Bender (1948-). KF 170 .R113 - 10th fl. (a/k/a Rabkin & Johnson). The most comprehensive set of transactional forms available. Includes tax background, practice background and checklists. Does not cover criminal or litigation. Available via LexisNexis.

Midwest Transaction Guide. M. Bender (1980- ). KFI 1268 M55 - 9th fl.  A 14-volume set that provides a state-by-state guide to business, wills and trusts, commercial, real estate and personal transactions for Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Available via LexisNexis