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Animal Law Research Guide: Journal Titles and Articles

Journal Titles

Animal Law. Portland, Or.: Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College, 1995-. K1 .N4575

The Animal Policy Report. Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, Center for Animals & Public Policy. N. Grafton, MA: The Center, 1900s-. HV4712 .A55

The Animals' Advocate: the Quarterly Newsletter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.
San Rafael, CA: The Fund, 1989-. KF3841.A1 A48

Journal of animal law and ethics, University of Pennsylvania Law School,2006-. HV4701 .U64

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science: JAAWS. Mahwah, N.J.: L. Erlbaum Associates, 1998-. HV4708 .J68

Society & Animals: Social Scientific Studies of the Human Experience of Other Animals. Cambridge, UK : White Horse Press, 1993-. QL85 .S63


The following is a selective list of articles. To update this list search Index to Legal Periodicals under subject heading “animal rights” and restrict by year.

Albright, Katrina M.The Extension of Legal Rights to Animals under a Caring Ethic: an Ecofeminist Exploration of Steven Wise's 'Rattling the Cage'. 42 Nat. Resources J. 915 (2002).
Bartlett, Steven J. Roots of Human Resistance to Animal Rights: Psychological and Conceptual Blocks. 8 Animal Law, Annual 143 (2002).

Beloof, Douglas E. Crime Victim's Rights: Critical Concepts for Animals Rights. 7 Animal Law, Annual 19 (2001).
Chandola, Varn. Dissecting American Animal Protection Law: Healing the Wounds with Animal Rights and Eastern Enlightenment. 8 Wis. Envtl. L. J. 3 (2002).

The Evolving Legal Status of Chimpanzees. (Panel Discussion) 9 Animal Law, Annual 1 (2003).

Girgen, Jen. The Historical and Contemporary Prosecution and Punishment of Animals. 9 Animal Law, Annual 97 (2003).

Hersini, Deawn A. Can't Get There From Here ... Without Substantive Revision: the Case for Amending the Animal Welfare Act. 70 UMKC L. Rev. 145 (2001).
Kolber, Adam. Standing Upright: the Moral and Legal Standing of Humans and Other Apes. 54 Stan. L. Rev. 163 (2001). 

Kramer, Matthew H. Do Animals and Dead People Have Legal Rights? 14 Canadian J. L.& Juris. 29 (2001).

Letourneau, Lyne. Toward Animal Liberation? The New Anti-cruelty Provisions in Canada and Their Impact on the Status of Animals.(Forum: Bill C-10 and the Place of Animals in Canadian Law) 40 Alta. L. Rev. 1041 (2003).

Livingston, Margit. Desecrating the Ark: Animal Abuse and the Law's Role in Prevention. 87 Iowa L. Rev. 1 (2001).

Striwing, Helena. Animal Law and Animal Rights on the Move in Sweden. 8 Animal Law, Annual 93 (2002).

Sunstein, Cass R. The Rights of Animals.(Celebrating the Centennial of the University of Chicago Law School) 70 U. of Chi. L. Rev. 387 (2003).

Sunstein, Cass R. Standing for Animals (with notes on animal rights). 47 UCLA L. Rev. 1333 (2000).

Takahashi, Mitsuhiko. Cats v. Birds in Japan: How to Reconcile Wildlife Conservation and Animal Protection. 17 Geo. Int’l Envtl. L. Rev. 135 (2004).
Tribe, Laurence. Ten Lessons Our Constitutional Experience Can Teach Us about the Puzzle of Animals Rights: the Work of Steven M. Wise. 7 Animal Law, Annual 1 (2001).

White, Steven. Legislating for AnimalWelfare: Making the Interests of Animals Count.(Australia) 28 Alternative L. J. 277 (2003).
Wise, Steven M. Dismantling the Barriers to Legal Rights for Nonhuman Animals. 7 Animal Law, Annual 9 (2001).

Wise, Steven M. 'Rattling the Cage' Defended.  43 B.C. L. Rev. 623 (2002).