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Animal Law Research Guide: Book Titles


The following is a selective list of titles in the collection:

Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions. Cass R. Sunstein and Martha C. Nussbaum, eds. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2004. HV4708 .A56 2004

Basic Legal Documents on International Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation. Mark Austen and Tamara Richards, eds. Hague; London: Kluwer Law International, 2000. K3525 .B38 2000

Cavalieri, Paola. The Animal Question: Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Human Rights. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. HV4708 .C43 2001

Cohen, Carl and Tom Regan. The Animal Rights Debate. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2001. HV4711 .C63 2001

Curnutt, Jordan. Animals and the Law: a Sourcebook. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2001. KF390.5.A5 C87 2001.

Favre, David S. and Peter L. Borchelt, Animal Law and Dog Behavior, Tuscon: Lawyers & Judges Pub. Co. (1999) KF 390.5 .D6 F38 1999.

Guither, Harold, Animal Rights: History and Scope of a Radical Social Movement, Carbondale: SIU Press (1998). HV4708 .G85 1998

Ingham, John H. The Law of Animals: a Treatise on Property in Animals, Wild and Domestic, and the Rights and Responsibilities Arising Therefrom. Clark, N.J.: Lawbook Exchange, 2003. Originally published: Philadelphia: T. & J.W. Johnson & Co., 1900. KF390.5.A5 I5 2003

Kistler, John M. People Promoting and People Opposing Animal Rights: in their Own Words. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2002. HV4708 .K48 2002

Munro, Lyle. Compassionate Beasts: the Quest for Animal Rights. Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 2001. HV4764 .M86 2001

National Anti-Vivisection Society. Personal Care for People Who Care. 12th ed. Chicago, Ill.: National Anti-Vivisection Society, 2005. TP983.A6 P47 2005

Regan, Tom. Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2004. HV4764 .R44 2004

Reichmann, James B. Evolution, Animal 'Rights,' & the Environment. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 2000. HV4708 .R45 2000

Rudacille, Deborah. The Scalpel and the Butterfly: the War Between Animal Research and Animal Protection. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2000. HV4915 .R8 2000

Scully, Matthew. Dominion: the Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy. New York, N.Y.: St. Martin's Press, 2002. HV4708 .S38 2002

Soave, Orland A. Animals, the Law and Veterinary Medicine: a Guide to Veterinary Law. 4th ed. Lanham, Md.: Austin & Winfield, 2000. KF3835 .S67 2000

Waisman, Sonia, Bruce A. Wagman and Pamela D. Frasch. Animal Law: Cases and Materials. 2nd ed. Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 2002. KF390.5.A5 W35 2002

Wise, Steven M. Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights.Cambridge, Mass.: Perseus Books, 2002. HV4708 .W57 2002

Wise, Steven M. Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals. Cambridge, Mass.: Perseus Books, 2000. HV4708 .W57 2000

Wynn, William J. It's the Law!: Pets, Animals, and the Law. Sun City, Ariz.: Doral Publishing, 2002. KF390.5.A5 W96

Recent Additions

Animal rights. Ashgate,c2008HV4708 .A54 2008

Animal law in Australasia: a new dialogue. Federation Press,2009. KVB702.5 .A55 2009

Arluke, Arnold, Brute force: animal police and the challenge of cruelty. Purdue University Press,2004. HV4708 .A755 2004

Beers, Diane LFor the prevention of cruelty: the history and legacy of animal rights activism in the United States. Swallow Press/Ohio University Press,2006. HV4764 .B44 2006

Boddice, RobA history of attitudes and behaviours toward animals in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain :;anthropocentrism and the emergence of animals. Edwin Mellen Press,2008. HV4805.A3 B63 2008

Brandow, Michael, 1959-New York's poop scoop law :;dogs, the dirt, and due process /Purdue University Press,c2008 SF427.48 .B73 2008

Cawley, Linda ALegal beagle :;diary of a canine counselor /New Horizon Press,c1996 KF390.5.D6 C38 1996

Confronting animal abuse :;law, criminology, and human-animal relationships /Rowman & Littlefield,c2009 K3620 .L39 2009

Congalton, David, 1953-When your pet outlives you :;protecting animal companions after you die /NewSage Press,2002 KF390.5.A5 C66 2002

DeGrazia, David. Animal rights: a very short introduction. Oxford University Press,2002. HV4708 .D45 2002

Eadie, Edward Norman. Animal suffering and the law: national, regional and international.Seaview Press,2009. K3620 .E33 2009

Encyclopedia of animal rights and animal welfare. Greenwood Press,2010. HV4708 .E53 2010

Endangered Species Act: law, policy, and perspectives. American Bar Association, Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources,2010. KF5640 .E482 2010

Endangered Species Act update and impact. Nova Science Publishers,2008. KF5640 .E4825 2008

The Endangered Species Act: primer, evaluation and prospects /Nova Science Publishers, Inc.,2009. KF5640 .E485 2009

Favre, David S. Animals: welfare, interests, and rights. Animal Law & History Web Center,2003. KF3841 F27 2003

Favre, David S. Animal law: welfare, interests, and rights. Aspen Publishers,2008. KF390.5.A5 F382 2008

Federal wildlife laws. Michigan State University College of Law,2004. KF5640 .F39 2004

Francione, Gary L. Animals as persons: essays on the abolition of animal exploitation. Columbia University Press,2008. K3620 .F73 2008

Franklin, Julian H. Animal rights and moral philosophy. Columbia University Press,2005. HV4708 .F74 2005

Grandin, Temple. Animals make us human: creating the best life for animals. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,2009. QL785.27 .G73 2009

Grandin, Temple, Animals in translation: using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behavior. Scribner,2005. QL751 .G73 2005

Harré, Rom. Pavlov's dogs and Schrödinger's cat: scenes from the living laboratory. Oxford University Press,2009. QL55 .H37 2009

The human use of animals: case studies in ethical choice. Oxford University Press,2008. HV4915 .H85 2008

The international handbook of animal abuse and cruelty: theory, research, and application. Purdue University Press,2008. HV4708 .I57 2008

Irvine, Leslie. Filling the ark: animal welfare in disasters. Temple University Press,2009. HV4708 .I78 2009

Issues in green criminology: confronting harms against environments, humanity and other animals. Willan Pub.,2007. HV6401 .I77 2007

A lawyer's guide to dangerous dog issues. Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, ABA, 2009. KF390.5.D6 L39 2009

Legal trends for decision makers. Animal Legal Reports Services,2003-. KF3835.A15 L44

Linzey, AndrewWhy animal suffering matters: philosophy, theology, and practical ethics. Oxford University Press,2009. HV4708 .L564 2009

Litigating animal law disputes: a complete guide for lawyers. American Bar Association, 2009. KF390.5.A5 L58 2009

Merz-Perez, Linda, 1954-Animal cruelty: pathway to violence against people. AltaMira Press,c2003HV4708 .M47 2003

Morrison, Adrian R. An odyssey with animals: a veterinarian's reflections on the animal rights & welfare debate. Oxford University Press,2009. R724 .M845 2009

National Anti-Vivisection Society.Personal care for people who care. National Anti-Vivisection Society,2005. TP983.A6 P47 2005

A new perspective: seeking justice for animals through the power of law. The National Anti-vivisection Society,2008. KF390.5 .A5 2008

Olmert, Meg Daley. Made for each other: the biology of the human-animal bond. Lifelong Books/Da Capo Press,2009. QL85 .O46 2008

Pepperberg, Irene M. Alex & me: how a scientist and a parrot discovered a hidden world of animal intelligence--and formed a deep bond in the process.  Collins,2008. QL696.P7 P457 2008

People, property, or pets? Purdue University Press,2006. KF390.5.A5 P46 2006

Rollin, Bernard E. Animal rights & human morality. Prometheus Books,2006.HV4708 .R65 2006

Rowlands, Mark. Animal rights :;moral theory and practice. Palgrave Macmillan,2009. HV4708 .R691 2009

United States. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Strategic direction for the animal care program. The Service,[1996]. HV4735 .U65 1996

Weston, Anthony. Toward better problems: new perspectives on abortion, animal rights, the environment, and justice. Temple University Press,1992. HM216 .W55 1992

Wildlife law :;a global perspective /American Bar Association, Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Sectionc2008K3525 .W53 2008

Wyler, Liana SunInternational illegal trade in wildlife /Novinka Books,c2008K3525 .W95 2008