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Researching Federal American Indian and Tribal Law: Web Resources

Land Acknowledgment Statement--University of Illinois System

The University of Illinois System – with its universities in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield – rests on the land of multiple native nations. These lands were the traditional birthright of indigenous peoples who were forcibly removed and who have faced two centuries of struggle for survival and identity in the wake of dispossession. We hereby acknowledge the ground on which we stand so that all who come here know that we recognize our responsibilities to the peoples of that land and that we strive to address that history so that it guides our work in the present and the future.

For more information on the University of Illinois System's land acknowledgment statement, see


There are numerous free websites that can assist with research related to the federal law of Native Americans.  Also note the entries under "Legal Blogs ('Blawgs') and "Current Awareness" for electronic monitoring of legal developments in this area.

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