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Anti-Racism: Research Tips

Books & Articles

Anti-racism is a topic which leads in many directions. It crosses disciplines and can include social sciences, like sociology, political science and economics as well as history at the local and national level. 

This Guide attempts to highlight relevant titles in the UIC Law Library and UIC Library collections, with a focus on Chicago and Illinois. It is meant to be a starting point only. If you see a title that interests you and wish to find more titles like it, use the UIC Law Library and UIC Library catalogs to retrieve the record for the title.  Look at the record which describes the title, in particular, the subjects at the end of the record. Click on a subject to find more titles about it such as those below.

Note that many subjects can be assigned to one title. Some subjects are broad while others are narrow. Many overlap. Be sure to explore all subjects that may be relevant to your research.

In addition to book titles, journal articles are another source for information on anti-racism and related topics. The UIC Databases provide extensive coverage of journals in all disciplines. To research a multidisciplinary topic like anti-racism, start with general journal collections such as the following:

JSTOR is a large collection of scholarly journals in many disciplines. It allows for keyword searching in author, title and abstract fields. Note that not all articles include abstracts. Therefore, do not limit your search to abstracts alone if you wish to retrieve all relevant articles. One can filter one's search results by specific journal title(s).

EBSCOhost includes many journal collections. Select a general collection like Academic Search Complete to research anti-racism. The EBSCOhost platform allows for keyword and subject searching. Start with a keyword search and refine results by subject, year or other criteria.

The UIC Law Library also provides access to article databases, specifically law reviews and law journals. You can explore these databases via the Law Library home page All Article Databases listing.

The Index to Legal Periodicals (ILP) is a useful tool for finding these articles. ILP runs on the EBSCOhost platform. This Index operates much like the Library's book catalog, in that it contains records that one can search by keyword and subject. These records provide citation information only, not full text, but often include a link to a full text pdf of the article.