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Franchising Research Guide: Introduction


This research guide features a selection of print and online resources in the field of franchising law that are available to users of the Louis L. Biro Law Library. For each resource maintained in print, the author, title, edition, publisher, call number and location within the library are provided.  Some of these resources are available online through one of the library’s subscription databases, such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, CCH or HeinOnline. If the resource is available through an online database, the guide often provides a link to the applicable database.

Online resources are generally available to current JMLS students, faculty, and staff. To access Westlaw and LexisNexis databases, these users will need to use their assigned passwords. For other databases such as BNA and CCH, these users can access the resource using their JMLS network IDs and passwords. 

This guide subdivides the library's franchising law materials into several major components: Basic Sources, Electronic Resources, Forms, Intellectual Property/Antitrust Issues, International Aspects, and Treatises and Looseleaf Publications. This list is representative and is not intended to be exhaustive. We hope it assists our patrons in their research in this field.

Search Tips

Not every source related to franchising is listed in this guide.  The following general tips can help you locate sources outside the scope of this guide.

1.     Subject Search.  You can locate additional franchising sources by searching the library catalog under some of the subject headings commonly assigned to such materials.

The subject headings most commonly assigned to materials dealing with U.S. franchising law include:

Franchises (Retail trade) -- Law and legislation -- United States

Distributors (Commerce) -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States

For international materials, the following subject headings are frequently used:

Franchises (Retail trade) -- Law and legislation

International business enterprises -- Law and legislation

The preceding subject searches can be broadened to find more titles by entering only the first term in the subject heading string in the search box (e.g., "franchises").

2.     Keyword Search.  You can also execute broader and narrower searches for franchising sources by conducting keyword searches using terms common in this area of the law (e.g., "franchising" or "antitrust").  By combining keyword search terms using the AND connector, you will retrieve a narrower field of results (e.g., "franchising AND antitrust").

3.     Online Sources.  A number of online resources available through the library provide access to franchising content, including Westlaw, Lexis, CCH Business Franchise Guide and KluwerArbitration.  Links to many online databases are provided in this guide.  You can search for additional online resources using the Westlaw Directory and the Find a Source feature in Lexis--a reference librarian would be happy to show you how to do this.

4.     CD-Roms.  Some print sources include CD-Roms with additional content, often forms; the CD-Rom is typically available on reserve.  Be sure to check the library catalog or ask a reference librarian for such information.

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Need more help? Reference librarians are available to meet with students in one-on-one sessions (or in small groups) to discuss research strategies, recommend relevant resources or review specific topics of legal research. 

Contact with the subject you're researching and when you would like to meet. A librarian will get back to you to set up an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment on the library homepage by clicking "Schedule an Online Research Appointment." We ask that you request your appointment at least 2 days in advance, but remember that you can always stop by the reference desk for immediate help with a quick research question.