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Researching for Journal Notes, Comments, and Paper Courses: Finding Books


Law review and journal articles are a great place to begin your research, but be sure to look for books on your topic as well. Given the brevity of articles, they can only provide a limited amount of information.Scholarly books are great resources because they are more thorough and detailed than articles.  

Articles have the advantage of usually being available instantly via an electronic database, while books may need to be ordered and shipped from another library. Start your research early!

Finding Books in the Law Library

Begin with a keyword search in the Library Catalog to find books on your topic. Just as with searching for articles, you can use subject headings assigned to books to narrow your search and find additional books on your topic. 

For example, a keyword search for "net neutrality" will return multiple results, including the one in the image below. Click on the subject headings to find other books related to your topic but that didn't come up in your search because they don't include the phrase "net neutrality" in the title.

When you see a book in the catalog that you are interested in, please note the LOCATION and the CALL NO to find it in library.

Finding Books at Other Libraries

The UIC Law Library tries to collect resources that students and faculty will need in their research, but we know that sometimes you will need resources from other libraries. To find materials outside of the UIC Law Library search in, the catalog for libraries around the world. Once you find a title that you want, you will be able to see if it is available at the law library (under Find a Copy in a Library) or request the item via Interlibrary Loan if it is not available here using this link:


Please note that if the item is available at CPL's Harold Washington Library across the street, we would ask you to retrieve it there in order to save and expenses.

If you are working on a journal source and cite assignment, consult the Resources for Journals Guide for details about the Interlibrary Loan process. If you are working on a paper for a course or writing an article yourself, see the library website for details about the interlibrary loan process.