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Franchising Research Guide: Periodicals

Annual Developments

Annual Franchise and Distribution Law Developments.  Chicago, Ill.  American Bar Association, c2003 - .  KF2023.Z9 B7 10th fl.

This annual publication provides review and analysis of franchising and distribution cases decided within the year covered.  Includes coverage of all aspects of franchising and distribution law

Newsletters, Journals and Law Reviews

NOTE:  Scholarly articles on franchising law may appear in any law review or scholarly journal.  To be comprehensive in searching for articles, one should consult a comprehensive source like Index to Legal Periodicals.  Listed below are periodicals that focus exclusively on franchise law

The Distribution Counselor.  Chesterfield, Ohio: Business Laws Inc., 2005- .  Available via Westlaw

The Distribution Counselor newsletter focuses primarily on "new economy" distribution over the Internet. Each issue features a new sample distribution agreement, along with insightful commentary. Traditional distribution arrangements are also discussed periodically. The newsletter covers legal developments in such areas as antitrust, distribution contract litigation, and intellectual property issues relating to distribution.

Franchise Law Journal.  Chicago, IL. : American Bar Association, library retains current two years only.  On 8th fl.  Also available via Westlaw.

Published by the American Bar Association Forum Committee on Franchising.  Includes articles on all aspects of franchising law.

International Journal of Franchising Law.  William S. & Co. 2003- .  Available via HeinOnline, but with a 2-volume contractual delay