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Franchising Research Guide: International Aspects


Corporate Counsel's Guide to International Distribution and Licensing.  West, c2011-.  KF 3147.A6 c67 2011 - 10th fl.

This guide provides the basic legal rules surrounding international distribution in a number of jurisdictions, and provides over 225 sample forms from a wide spectrum of industries, including agriculture, biomedical research, computers, electronics, energy distribution, factory automation systems, financial services, Internet hosting services, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, software development, sports wagering, telecommunications, television programming, and wireless communications. Forms are included on CD-Rom. Available on Westlaw.

Fundamentals of International Franchising. Richard M. Asbill and Steven M. Goldman, editors.  Chicago, IL : American Bar Association, c2013.  KF 2023 .F863 2013 - 10th fl. 

This practical guide provides a framework for counsel advising franchisors on the domestic front as they move into the international arena. It provides a foundation for the novice international franchise lawyer and a valuable reference for the experienced lawyer.  The book includes tips on working with foreign counsel and tax and intellectual property issues in the international arena.

Intellectual Property in Europe.  3rd ed.  Guy Tritton, Richard Davis, et al.  London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2008.  KJE2636 .T54 2008 - 10th fl. 

This work covers all of intellectual property law in Europe and includes a section on Article 81 and distribution/franchising agreements.

International Business Transactions.  3rd ed.  Ralph H. Folsom.  St. Paul, MN: Thomson/West, 2008.  KF1976 .F65 - 10th fl. 

Volume II includes material on franchising, trademark licensing, and choice of structure for investment in foreign countries.

International Encyclopaedia of Franchising. Martin Mendelsohn, Michael Brennan, editors.  Cambridge, Mass: Kluwer Law International, 1999-.  K3966 .I555 - 10th fl. This resource is not being updated by the library; content dates from 1999.

This looseleaf provides information on issues arising in the international franchise field. The text answers major structuring questions which practitioners, in-house counsel and business persons are likely to have in typical international franchise transactions. This reference work also tackles such questions as "How can companies protect their brand names?" and "What are the do's and don'ts of international franchising?" Topical coverage includes: country-by-country franchising overviews; relationship issues between the parties involved; financial aspects of franchising deals; intellectual property issues; franchise regulation; competition and restrictive practice laws; taxation issues; foreign investment regulation and import/export controls; forms of business organization; real estate; franchisor/franchisee remedies and dispute resolution; the future; and general information.

International Franchising.  3rd ed.  Alex S. Konigsberg.  Huntington, NY: Juris Pub., 2008.  K3966 .K66 2008 - 10th fl. 

This book covers a range of topics related to international franchising, including legislation impacting franchising, commercial vehicles available to franchisors, and agreements used in franchising arrangements.

International Franchising in Emerging Markets : China, India, and Other Asian Countries.  Ilan Alon and Dianne H.B. Welsh, editors.  Chicago: CCH Inc., 2001.  HF5429.235.A78 I58 2001 - 9th fl.

This book provides an overview of franchising in China and other Asian countries, focusing on the legal, political, economic, and social environment in each country. Its purpose is to provide state-of-the-art franchising research on markets with great potential for long-term growth.

International Franchising in Emerging Markets : Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America.  Dianne H.B. Welsh and Ilan Alon, editors.  Chicago: CCH Inc., 2001.  HF5429.235.C36 I58 2001 - 9th fl. 

A series of articles providing a broad overview legal, political, and economic aspects of franchising in Europe and Latin America.

International Franchising Law.  Dennis Campbell, general editor.  New York, NY : Matthew Bender, 1993-.  K3966 .I56 - 10th fl.  This resource is not being updated by the library; content dates from 1998.

Provides a summary of law for about 30 major countries.  Somewhat dated as of 2010, but provides an excellent “how-to” guide to preparing international franchising agreements.  Includes many different forms of agreement.

International Franchise Sales Laws. Andrew P. Loewinger and Michael K. Lindsey, editors.  Chicago: American Bar Association-Forum on Franchising, c2006-.  K3966 .I559 2006 - 10th fl.  This resource is not being updated by the library; content dates from 2006.

The book addresses disclosure requirements in the countries of Australia, Brazil, China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario. Each chapter addresses specific requirements under each of the disclosure laws.

Law of International Contracting.  2nd ed.  Larry A. DiMatteo.  Alphen Aan Den Rijn, The Netherlands: Kluwer Law International, c2009.  K1030 .D56 2009 - 10th fl. 

This book addresses a wide range of issues affecting international contracting and many varieties of international contract.  It includes a chapter on franchise contracts.